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There are now several variations of the Neapolitan-style pizza that have various levels of acceptance in the culinary world.

The Margherita recipe is the most popular alternative since it follows all of the essential ingredient rules. A marinara pizza and regional variations that include slices of fresh tomato are sometimes included as well. You could also try Rpieno , which is a calzone made in the traditional Neapolitan techniques with salami, olive oil, and mozzarella. It begins with the crust of the pizza. Neapolitan-style offers one that is exceptionally thin at the base.

The hot temperatures of the oven then cause the dough to puff along the sides so that you receive a light, airy texture which receives fast charring. When made correctly, it is almost impossible to eat this pizza with your hands. A fork and knife will help to navigate the crispy textures. The simplicity of the Neapolitan-style pizza is also a critical difference to consider when comparing it to other recipes. Only fresh, regionally-specific ingredients are used to create an authentic slice.

There is an American branch of this association now as well. The AVPN was founded by the oldest families of the original pizza makers from Naples who crafted this flavorful recipe. Its goal is to certify the pizzerias who want to make Neapolitan-style pizza using the correct artisan traditions from the past. Several requirements must be met before individuals or pizzerias can gain this coveted certification. An official application to the AVPN is necessary before the process can officially start.

It is such a stringent review of practices and techniques that only a few hundred restaurants around the world have ever received recognition. If you have never had a Neapolitan-style pizza, then you could settle for something that your local pizzeria makes. There are thousands of locations that can produce a copycat recipe that provides a satisfying meal.

When your preference is to enjoy something authentic, then these are the restaurants that will give you a flavor of Naples every time. This pizzeria had a humble beginning in the back of a grocery store in the late s. There are three locations now, and it has won a James Beard Award, but the quality of the pizza is always excellent.

They use farm-fresh ingredients to give you a Naples-like experience in the American southwest. This restaurant was founded by Rosario Procino, who is native to Naples. Their location near Union Station is often referred to as being the embassy for Neapolitan-style pizza in the United States. Even the Prime Minister of Italy ordered takeout from here during a state visit. Onion Rings. Jalapeno Poppers 6Pcs. Garlic Knots 6 Pcs.

Cheese Quesadilla. Chicken Fingers. Pineapple Cheesecake. Chocolat E Cake. Strawberry Cheesecake. Plata Nos Maduros. Ginger ale, coca cola, diet coke, orange, fanta, sprite root beer, mtn. Dew, pepsi. Spring Wat Er 20Oz.

Rosario's Pizzeria

Can of Soda. Orange, fanta, sprite, mtn. Dew, pepsi, dr. Jarritos Glass. Mexican Coke. Boing Juice 1 Liter. Jarritos 1. Stewart 'S. Basic Cheese Pizza. Pizza Al Pastor. Guajillo pepper sauce, mozzarella topped with marinated pork in a mild chili sauce with chunks of pineapple, chopped fresh onions and cilantro. La Mexicana. Chicken Fajita. Pico De Gallo Pizza. White pizza, topped with fresh pico de gallo, fresco cheese and slices of avocado. The Authentic Taco Pizza.

Finished with sour cream. El Costeno. Rosario's Special. Tinga Pollo Tomato Chipotle Sauce.

With mozzarella shredded chicken breast topped with roasted poblano peppers. Authentic Chicken Mole. Chicken smothered in a traditional Mexican mole sauce topped with raw red onions and mozzarella cheese. Poblana Pizza. La Chicana.

Rosario's Trattoria

Tomatillo sauce, whole black beans, chipotle chicken, chipotle ranch, chopped fresh cilantro. Red sauce pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and fresh sliced tomatoes. Fresh Veggie. Traditional red sauce topped with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, green peppers, onions, black olives and mozzarella.

Meat Lover's. Pizza Bianca. Bacon Cheeseburger. South Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. Supreme Special.

Rosaria's Italian Kitchen

Red sauce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella. Chicken Parm. Chicken Pesto. Bbq Chicken.

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Buffalo Chicken White Pizza. Greek Pizza. Chicken Bacon Ranch White Pizza. Plain Mozzarella and Marinara. Steak Stromboli Gr. Buffalo Chicken Stromboli. Caesar Salad. Is this restaurant good for large groups?

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