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Winter is almost done and I didn't get to use my snow blower once and it's sitting at Canadian tire past 3 weeks and looks like it's going to be another 3 weeks if they even fix it? After contact with the company and no results, find Husky snowblower engineering very inept.

My new inch and neighbors inch blower have same problems. After using for a few minutes in real cold, the chute assemblies refuse to rotate and even the deflector hood freezes up. Ice build up seems to be the problem. A hair dryer and a few seconds later the darn thing works again. Who needs to spend a lot of money for a name product, only to have to purchase an additional tool to use it? My driveway is too long for the extension cord and the blower may not be a good place to use a torch. We bought our Husqvarna snowblower on Our snowblower worked ok for the most part. It wasn't the quality we thought it would be.

When our son was snowblowing 10 days ago he checked the oil and fluid was running out on the floor. When we dropped our snowblower off on Tuesday, January 10, Ralph said it would be done within 24 hours as he had to empty his shop each day.

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My husband said to take his time and do it right. I wasn't ok with that as it should have been under warranty. I called on Thursday to see what was up. Ralph was very short with me and said he hadn't had time to get to it. On Saturday I called 3 times with no return call.

Ralph finally called back and said he didn't want to call back as I was rude to the cashiers. Ralph isn't doing his job and it is suddenly my fault! Get a grip! He said he had to order a part. He didn't plan on calling us to let us know that as he is just too busy. I simply wouldn't have paid it. It should have been warranty anyway. When my husband picked up the snowblower on Wednesday, January 18, they blamed us for the issue. They said we didn't put stabilizer in the gas and it broke down.

I think he said the carburetor was stuck. We always put stabilizer in our equipment. Then the buyer from Husqvarna was there. He got loud and mouthy with my husband. This should have been a warranty repair plain and simple. Husqvarna said it was up to him and he said it wouldn't be covered without testing anything.

It isn't our fault it had a faulty carburetor. Todd the manager was an idiot and took no responsibility and Ralph had not idea what he was doing! Purchase snow blower Husqvarna from business that deals with Husqvarna. Purchased snow blower in Never used it. No snow. This year went to use it and found that plastic frame that is closest to ground was bent in one spot causing paddles to hit bent spot and not allow paddles to turn. Warranty was still good. Called Husqvarna and the place I purchased it from and got the big run around. Who put plastic in a area that comes in contact with cement.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The dealer raved over the quality of construction and durability of this mower. What he didn't say was what a piece of crap this mower is with zero turning or traction. These mowers rip your lawn into shreds. Any time you try to turn around, the stationary tire locks and just rips a nice hole in your lawn every time.

And Lord forbid you get onto a hill and need to back up, the tires will literally just spin until you are really good and stuck, and you find yourself on many, many occasions having to get a tow strap and pull it out. My old mower Grasshopper never got stuck. This chainsaw has been the worst saw for starting and trying to keep it running. I have owned the saw for less than 2 years with hardly any usage.

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Husqvarna cannot find the part I need along with the dealers that service this saw. The lady at Husqvarna told me the saw was not old enough for the parts catalog to display the brake cover that I need. She said they would do a study on it and get back to me. I really doubt if that is going to happen. Husqvarna is taking its time in sending repair parts to the their repair shop during this period. IF a repair part is sent, it takes about 1 week. I will NOT be purchasing another Husqvarna product this is my first. I will follow up on the 19th. The wiring design is so bad and so restricted that with time the wiring pulled away from the clutch.

There has got to be a better design for such a great product. TS product 00 serial A year Bought new and used once to cut the lawn. Developed a heavy fuel line leak. On inspection the fuel line below the petrol tank had been worn through by the cutting belt. Need to check if this is a regular assembly problem as it is a serious fire hazard.

I will be purchasing a new mower in the next few days and will not be getting a Husqvarna. The engine is good but nothing else is.

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I have replaced wheels twice, the blade and now the self-propelled has stopped working. Everytime I go to mow, it is something else to fix, replace, etc. If I didn't take care of it like oil changes, cleaning underneath, using the right gas, etc. I will not nor will I recommend this mower or any Husqvarnas to anyone I know.

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After a good experience with the Husqvarna tractor I bought for my son, I made the mistake of buying one of their trimmers. In the year that I've owned it it's been back to the shop three times for non-warranty repairs.

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The repair guys say it is a piece of junk, and I just threw it in the dumpster. There will be no more of their products in this family's future. Purchased mower July 18th. Used once on front yard and it did okay. Used on backyard and right rear wheel lever used to raise and lower height became disengaged and loose. Can't use the mower. Lowe's won't take it back and Husqvarna says it is not their issue. For anyone thinking of buying a Husqvarna, don't let the store lied to you like they lied to me.

They told me if there was a problem with the mower to bring it back to them and they would fix it in about a week. Well in three weeks it didn't run anymore so I took it back. And was told I cannot bring it there and then I cannot return it, I have to take it to an authorized service center.

Not what they told me when I bought it, but it sounds ok, right. Below is a copy of the text on Husqvarna's webpage. Each of our dealers is an independently owned business and we cannot control their business decisions. We can only suggest that you call ahead, prior to bringing your unit in for repair, to make sure a dealer can and will assist you. If necessary, contact customer service for other authorized servicing dealer options in your area.

So I have to pay to have my 3 week old lawnmower repaired! I will never ever buy another Husqvarna! Husqvarna LD overheats. Purchased a refurbished weed eater online from VMInnovations and it initially seemed ok until I actually tried to do a trim job with it.

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The unit overheats after about 10 to 15 minutes of use and dies, won't start again until it cools. Unit comes with a worthless warranty from the manufacturer. No "factory authorized dealer" will service a unit under warranty unless you bought it from them. Why would Husqvarna authorize someone unwilling to do the job?

Calls to the manufacturer require 2 hours on the phone dancing around with them on one "please hold" after another only to be told that refurbished units only carry a day warranty. Tried explaining their "authorized" refurbished seller has a day manufacturer warranty spelled out on their eBay to no avail. VMInnovations claims it is only warrantied by the manufacturer so I guess nobody warranties Husqvarna anything. An item being refurbished should be just that but it should be thoroughly checked to make sure it's ok.

Buyer beware: unless you buy their products from a dealer and overpay for it don't expect warranty. Husqvarna is fully aware of this fact. Bought a Riding mower. Made by Husqvarna. Garden tractor mower. I own a tree removal service and quit buying Husqvarna chainsaws about 6 years ago. I use to swear by them. But I'm done with them, never again. There got my last dollar. Bought this mower from Lowe's.

I have to say all power equipment is not what it use to be due to federal EPA regulations. I've had nothing but problems with Husqvarna stuff. Over last several years. Use to think their Husqvarna saw was the best in its class but that went to chit too, had the mufflers fall off, same with the xp. Stay far away from this brand. From a pro.

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I will not buy another product from Husqvarna ever again. It has underperformed in every way. It cannot cut deep or wet grass and requires continual cleaning under the deck due to clogging of mulched grass. The rear wheels are wobbly and cause problems over terrain. The engineering of their products is cheap. I will go elsewhere for my lawn maintenance needs. I bought a Zero turn Husqvarna Z mower, had it 33 days, 6. Called customer service and was told to take it back to Lowe's and they would replace it with a new one.

So I returned it back and the store manager asked if I had a return authorization number and I said she didn't give me one. So he calls Husqvarna customer service and was told that since it was 3 days past the 30 day return they would not authorize the exchange. So I spoke to the woman on the phone and she would not authorize it because it was past the 30 days even just by 3 days.

So I asked to speak with someone above her and she said it would be a waste of my time because they would say the same and would not authorize the exchange either. So I asked for her name and employee number and she would not give me her first name and stated that employees are not given employee numbers - like I believe that. So I left with a new broken mower. I will never buy another Husqvarna product ever. I purchased this mower in June of It has a 3 year warranty. So far it has had a running problem which the dealer found to be a part missing on the carburetor.

The dealer replaced the whole carb under warranty. The front drive wheel adjusters bent and both wheels were angled in at the top and out at the bottom. The dealer replaced both front adjusters under warranty but Husqvarna said they would not ever replace them under warranty again as they thought it must be from me abusing the mower, which is not true.

The second summer the rear wheels center hubs wore out and both wheels and rear adjusters and some gears in the wheels were replaced by the dealers after a several week wait for parts. The blade adapter wore out so that the blade just spun around. I replaced the adapter and blade at my expense after waiting for parts to come. The outside of the air filter, the filter, and the pre- filter fell off and were lost. I had to buy the new improved complete assembly at my expense because they no longer made the one that my mower came with. This part took about a week to get.

The front wheel adjusters were straightened by the dealer but after 2 mowings they are bent again and will not hold adjustment. Last week the drive cable for the AWD broke and they are on back order of at least 15 days.

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I contacted Husqvarna the time before this breakdown and was on the phone an hour with them and on hold. They did nothing but ask me for model and serial numbers and name at each person I was connected to. After 1 hour of talking and waiting on hold they disconnected me. Today I called again and was told they needed all the info again although they have had many records with my name on this mower. I did not have the info as the mower was in the shop so they would not begin to help me.

I went to the shop and called them back with the info and after an hour they said they would review what has happened and call me back. Needless to say I purchased an expensive mower that I thought I would get great service from and that just has not happened. I have spent many weeks each summer without a mower that is usable.

It does not matter that it is under warranty because it is their discretion whether the mower is being abused. The dealer has claimed several times that I am letting a fat woman ride on it or that I am jumping up and down on it or that my wife and kids are doing something to it. Nobody has used or probably ever touched the mower except me and the dealer. At the moment I once again am without a mower while it sits in the shop for over 2 weeks minimum for a part that is back ordered. On a positive note, both the front and rear wheel adjusters have now on the newer models have been replaced by a different type.

The air cleaner housing has been replaced on the new models by one that has an additional snap which may keep it from falling off. Meanwhile I wait weeks to get my sub standard mower repaired I purchased an all wheel drive Husqvarna mower from Lowe's and it was a good reliable lawn mower for about a year, after that I started having problems with the transmission.

I ended up pushing more than it went forward on its own it went very slow. The 3rd season still under warranty I brought it in for repair and the service center said it was used commercially and not used for residential cutting so they said it was abused. I had a Toro for 20 years and it was still running when I got rid of it. I live on a half-acre so there's a lot of grass but I don't own a lawn maintenance service and I do not let anybody else mow with my lawn mower.

I also don't know how you abuse a transmission, the outside of a lawnmower is just fine and so is the oil and it starts up just fine. I called Husqvarna to dispute it but they said they stand by the repair centers judgment since they can't see the lawn mower. I never brought the lawn mower in for any repairs, this would be the only warranty issue and they still would not cover it. I do not recommend Husqvarna. We were told that it was top of the line for quality and customer service. As we were in the process of buying it we asked several times about warranty and owner's manuals, the cashier ignored us.

They finally went online and printed a copy, but gave us no warranty card or any of the tools for adjusted mower components or washing the deck. As we exited the store and walked to where they were loading the mower I watched them ram the grass guard against the side of the trailer and heard a crack. The guys loading it told me, "No worries. Come back on Monday and we will give you a new one.

There were signs that it had been used before. So on the initial test run I pulled the knob upward to engage the mower deck and the engine almost choked out and the mower deck shook violently and then the entire body of the mower continued to vibrate as I started to mow. Gear Up! For over 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing friendly, honest, and knowledgeable service. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and strive daily to be the best outdoor power equipment dealer in the region.

We look forward to serving you in any way we can. Contact us to ask about something specific or drop by to take a look at our current inventory. Contact us today! What we offer From sales to service, our company is a comprehensive outdoor equipment provider. We stock the best brands , service all types of machinery, and have parts for just about everything. Our team can also help you keep your lawn equipment and other related machinery maintained so it serves you for a long time.