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L3: Novice. The first time I called I hadn't placed an order and the guy basically told me they won't price match because it out of stock. It worked! Placed another order and called back. It worked again. I now have one for pick up and one being delivered. I wrote down the case number because I'll believe it when I see it.

Worst case scenario is I return then to the store and I wasted a few minutes out of my life. Good luck everyone. Reply Helpful Comment? L6: Expert. Anyone have an idea of how long Chase takes to do price protection claims? L5: Journeyman. Does anyone know how long Chase takes after you submit for a price protection?

Citi has been taking weeks these days. Lx: God Mode.

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Retail shopping is now similar. From people who care about the texts on their phone more than about the person they just walked into while texting on their phone, to people who act and dress like thugs with an attitude to match, to ridiculously loud people, to various other rude and annoying behavior, to, frankly, a lack of English speaking and other demographic factors. Quote from kwadguy : I'm amazed there are still people gullible enough to think these going out of business sales are going to offer deals. Here's how they work: Merchandise in all stores is sold, in place, to a third party liquidation firm this has already happened.

The liquidation firm is well funded and has this down to a science. They are not desperate and they are there to eek every penny they can out of the carcass. The liquidator will usually bring in merchandise that never sold in the stores before. They may also remove high value easily salable merchandise before the sale, or before the discounts become large.

All merchandise will be marked up to full retail.

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The higher value will be for specific types of less desirable merchandise that NEVER sells for anything close to full retail. The lower number will apply to desirable merchandise. Each week or so, they will increase the discounts. L2: Beginner. Great find, lowest i've seen the new pro's. Finally picked one up.

15% off Apple products hhgregg via google express APPLE15 $1139

Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not thank DJ3xclusive? Last edited by annieny November 26, at AM. L1: Learner. If you agree, why not thank oldschoolflo? Great deal. Didn't charge me tax. New York here. If you agree, why not thank nigerianscammerhello? Not Cheap. No 15" MBP Oh well. Guess I'll keep my Adorama order. Is the air the same model as microcenter? Edit: It looks like it is.

L8: Grand Teacher.

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Quote from McWetty :. Quote from olivelawn :. Quote from Glee :. Thanks but the code does not work for Macbook Pro. Page 1 of