Black Friday TV deals: what to expect

As of Monday Nov. We called the E-Series the cheapest home-theater-worthy TV, in large part because it's the least-expensive with full-array local dimming -- a feature that goes further than any other for improving LCD picture quality.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on TVs

Deals and sizes are available now at numerous retailers, but BestBuy. It's also worth mentioning that the cheaper D-Series is on sale at numerous outlets, but image quality won't be as good on that set since it lacks local dimming. The best alternative is the TCL S series. We don't review any of the former category and very few of the latter so we can't recommend them directly. That said we don't expect any of the to outperform the Vizio E series or the TCL 6 series above , and in many cases they'll cost more. In other words, in the latter case you're often paying extra just for a brand name.

Walmart and Best Buy deals, plus 'last

Meanwhile the better, higher-end name-brand sets we do review are also on sale, but they're not nearly as cheap as these entry-level models. Here's a selection. Note: This buying advice and the links within are from earlier Black Friday deals which may no longer be available. Below you'll find the cheapest TVs we found for Black Friday, regardless of whether we recommend them or not. While a few are available online, many are classic doorbusters -- in-store only during the store's Black Friday sale, available only in limited quantities.

We picked the TVs on the list below from a much larger collection of pretty much every Black Friday TV TV sale price aside from Amazon, which isn't available yet , painstakingly created by the folks at BestBlackFriday. If you want to see all of the TVs, here's the whole magilla in a Google Spreadsheet. Note that upper price range sale prices actually go higher for each screen size, but we cut it off at the cheapest major-brand sets, typically Samsung and LG. I don't recommend you purchase an HDTV unless you're truly strapped for cash.

It's worth the investment to buy a 4K set, which has four times as many pixels as an HD set.

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You'll like the easy remote and simple Roku interface. Best Buy. Sharp's Roku TV is also pretty bare-bones and doesn't get those deep blacks you'll find on some of the more expensive TVs. Then again, you may not care.

If you're hunting for a second TV, or want a bargain, this Sharp also has Roku built-in, which is nice. It also has a p HD version and other sizes, all of which are priced affordably.

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The picture should be good enough to feel like a good step up from HD. Some users complain about the sound, though poor audio quality is a problem on most every TV. No matter what TV you buy, we recommend you pick up a good soundbar or read our Best Soundbars guide. Amazon , Walmart , Samsung. The sound output is solid, as is the picture quality.

You'll have to get around the fact that there are only two HDMI ports, but that's the only major problem. Both Amazon and Walmart have larger sizes of this TV and they're also priced competitively and discounted for Cyber Monday. Honestly, you'll never tell the difference unless they're side by side.

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  • The M Series has full array lighting and local dimming, too. The picture quality is excellent and a inch screen is just right for a good home theater. Best Buy Smaller sizes also on sale. Vizio's E Series is a step above the bargain bin, with a full array of backlights and local dimming, which makes certain areas of the screen lighter or darker, depending on the action.

    It's the only display type capable of perfect blacks, because every pixel independently lights itself—no backlight required. It excels with deep blacks and high contrast and works well for absolutely anything, including gaming. Sony also chose Google's Android TV for its interface, which means you may not need to buy a Roku at first.

    Roku has nearly everything, and it's reliable. The Streaming Stick is also our favorite because it can hold a solid dual-band Wi-Fi connection, which is always good when you're streaming high resolution video. This box will let you stream Netflix, along with just about any other streaming app.

    Cyber Monday 2018 best TV deals: $100 off the 65-inch TCL 6 series, now $799

    On top of that, it can control the power and volume of your TV, has a USB port and MicroSD slot for loading local media, and comes with a pair of earbuds that connect to the remote so you can listen to your TV in silence at night. Other deals will be staggered throughout the day, and there will be hourly doorbusters that run from a.

    Target Target's Cyber Monday deals , which kicked off early Monday morning, will include a sitewide 15 percent discount and some special deals on TVs and other electronics. Its Cyber Monday prices appeared at a. ET on Nov. Below are details of dozens of Cyber Monday TV deals—with our analysis of which deals are worthwhile and which to skip. We also provide our pick for the very best deal in each screen-size range. Go to Consumer Reports' Holiday Central for updates on deals, expert product reviews, insider tips on shopping, and much more.

    It's a basic set from a brand that hasn't done very well in our TV ratings. The Toshiba deal at Amazon, right above, seems like a better deal. It's a very basic, entry-level TCL set. It was the same price at P. Richard's Black Friday sale. It's a full-HD model with access to several streaming services. The p resolution is fine in a screen this size, and the Amazon Fire TV smart TV system provides easy access to a nice amount of content.

    We see it only at Best Buy, so it's hard to compare prices. We didn't test this model, but Polaroid TVs typically haven't done very well in our ratings. Polaroid TVs haven't done especially well in our ratings. We didn't test this set, but we did review the inch Polaroid 55T7U , and it didn't do that well in our ratings. It appears to be a model that's been discontinued. It's not a Cyber Monday-only deal—like many of Costco's sales, it has been available all weekend as part of the extended Black Friday sale.

    It's an entry-level 4K set that was also in some Black Friday ads for about the same amount of money.

    Deals On Smart Tvs In Canada - Best 70, 75 inch TVs / Editor's Choice (4K UHD, LED, HDTV

    It's a tested model that did fairly well in our ratings. Plus it's a set from a major brand that did pretty well in our ratings. It could be the Polaroid 55T7U , the larger sibling of the inch set mentioned above that's selling at Walmart. Though it does have a low price, we tested this set and it was among the lowest-rated sets this size. It's a basic 4K set that we haven't tested. We didn't test this set. The price isn't especially great, though, because it was already selling for this amount elsewhere before Cyber Monday.