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I started as a nurse and was promoted to assistant manager and then center director. I participated in all aspects of management to include operations, facility, logistics, training and research. My job was highly regulated and I won awards yearly for compliance and knowledge in my field.

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Travelled to other sites to perform crisis management duties. Poor quality of supervisors, AM's are good. The employees are cared about as much as the machines are. It is a fast paced environment. It has cliques, and if you aren't viewed as being a worthwhile commitment, management won't work with you to excel and work towards advancement.

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Several supervisors still act like they are in high school. They will ask you to do things that you know that they will not do themselves. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to know and talking to some of the donors.

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The hardest part of the job is dealing with the favoritism that runs throughout the center. Stressful, fast-paced. I worked at the busiest location in the nation. Scheduling is terrible and management ignores a lot of availability requests. I worked part time and was pressured into working 38 hours a week by the scheduler. The only thing I liked about this job was my coworkers.

There was no job satisfaction. Very monotonous tedious work. You do the same thing day in and day out. Use to get where you actually want to go. The management is rude, manipulative, lies and never accept responsibility for their actions.

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They are very disorganized when it comes to paperwork that could potentially advance you or fire you. Different managers scramble for complete authority, oftentimes under-minding what another manager had just said. The age demographic for starting position in MH is early 20s to late 20's and because of this, management treats workers like children, being sure to speak as condescendingly as possible while also denying pretending to be a parent who could do no wrong.

The communication is terrible, and there seems to be no effort to build a strong cohesive work environment. The turnover rate is terrible and remains unacknowledged by the boss. This job should only be used to gain experience to take elsewhere. Good work culture with it's ups and downs. I'm not impressed with our current bout of supervisors, several of which still act like teenagers.

There is definately favoritism from management which affects your ability to be promoted. There is a sense of purpose. Most of the employees have a good work ethic.


There are cliques, but you aren't fully ostracised if you aren't in the clique. Supervisors do a poor job of leading. Don't ask us to do something we know you wouldn't do yourself. Upper management are leaders. There's one in particular most would jump at the chance to assist him. The honeymoon period has ended and I've seen a lot of the hidden negatives pretty much things that have to do with supervisors and their treatment of others. Cliques, favoritism, not impressed with who has been promoted to supervisor.

The culture of the company was one that was easy to integrate into. Good company.

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Great common staff. Terrible management. Management is the biggest problem. They are ruthless when it comes to personal emergencies or predicaments. Claim Offer. Send SMS Send me updates for this business. Or print this coupon. Visit Website Connect to this Business. Get Directions. Show Phone Number. Get Directions Lake Pointe Drive. Visit Website. Connect to this Business. This petition had 57 supporters. Ruth Taylor started this petition.

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